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  • Fatigue Syndrome.

    1. Jamison H.

      For the soup can I use crushed tomatoes instead of diced?

    2. Walter M.

      Thank you Cris! I hope you enjoy the recipes as well. 🙂 Happy Saturday!

    3. Ermelinda C.

      people just go on and on about how bad slenderman is for kids. Really? It’s not any different than Frankenstein or Dracula. Its not the horror fiction that is disturbing, since it has been around forever. the troubling aspect is the youth that find it difficult to separate fiction from reality. These girls truly thought he was real. They should serve their sentence first in the hospital with counselors before they are put into the general population in prison. When they are capable of recognizing their wrong and actually feeling that what they did was wrong then they should still face the consequence of their actions. I hope they will wake up to the horror of what they did and have remorse. Sad story all around.

    4. Vince P.

      I definitely run into the nausea issues on anything longer than a two hour ride. A usual intake is two bottles of Cytomax to drink and then a Goo Gel, PowerBar, or Goo Bites to eat every 30 min while riding . Other than just switching to water (which is what happens if am in the saddle more than two hours and stop to refill the bottles), do you have any other suggestions for avoiding this? Does it matter what type of carbs are ingested? I am training for my next century in a few weeks and would love to test out some other options.

    5. Dori L.

      Hello Maria, that’s incredible! In my country (spain) the max weight for a HGV is just 23,000kg and the trailer is usually only 7 meters long.

    6. Ashlie N.

      YOU ARE AMAZNG!!! I have been a mom for almost 13 years and have looked for something like this! Im like you, I like t try new things and I am very much a planner. I know that shopping with a list saves money so i have always made my own menus and lists, which takes hours! I now have a family of 6 and a lot less time for planning. I am so thankful that you have done this and that you do it free! I put your grocery list and all recipes in a plastic page protector (1 for all) and when I shop i use a dry erase pen to cross off my list then at home cooking I rotate the menus and the protector keeps my pages clean when cooking. Again thank you soooo much, this is just what i need.

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